Richtig Essen

GfE- Gesellschaft für richtiges Essen und Lebensgestaltung e.V.

Shortcut in English II: This Platform has Broadened and now Covers Right Eating in General.

Erstellt von r.ehlers am Donnerstag 7. November 2013

Eating pauses are the key for the body’s own ways to open fat cells and thus losing weight. They also are an important  factor in maintaining or relearning the habit of social eating in community, where prudent eating is taught from one generation to the next.  All this has a decisive effect on our health and well-being.

As I have formerly described (; I have discovered a new way to make our body to build the often missing neurotranmitter Serotonin. The clue is to just once a day consume a spoonful of dried and milled plant food onto an empty stomach. If we do not keep good pauses between our meals we never reach this point of soberness.

Not only the range of our work has broadened. We have also gaine new important insights. For example we have understood that our body stores loads of micronutients in his 100 trillion cells (eucrayonts), so we do not have to daily chase after each of them. Practically no vital stuff, not even vitamin C is stored for less than 14 days, other components like vitamin B 12 ist stored for 3 – 5 years. Like with all sttorage devices they do not function well when they are never used. To know these implications makes it uncomplicated to care for an always sufficient provisioning with all important micronutients of our food.

Going deeper into the ways of the body’s own production of Serotonin we are certain that our new way to make the body seek for Serotonin in its task tocvontrol the tdrive to eat, but will be generated also as an answer to heavy body duty (stress control, runners high) and intense sexual action with or without ejaculation.

In the United States practically everybody is well informed about the immense importance of Serotonin for all the cerebral phenomena. Not so in Europe. Unlike in the USA here there is no public advertisement for serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) like Prozac and Zoloft. This is blissful and pityful at the same time. It is good to know how we function mentally, although all these psychopharmaceutical drugs artificially alter the chemistry of the brain with very often poor results. Critical experts like Professor Achim Peters from Lübeck call them „dirty drugs.“

What a terrible situation! We know exactly that there are good ways to care for a secure provisionment with the neurotrasnmitter Serotonin for everybody and at practically no cost, but only few people know about it. Anyways, at least some thousand therapists already are in contact with us and some ten thousand people here use the needed littel peace of native food to their great benefit. „Big Science“ on the other side ist not interested to know as there can never be a big business with native food like with the SSRI.