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Shortcut in English I: Losing weight by keeping pauses between meals

Erstellt von r.ehlers am Mittwoch 1. August 2012

Topics: Weight Control + Buildup of Serotonin

As I see that English speaking people frequent this page I will hereby serve them with a first shortcut of what is going on here. Maybe later we find friends who will take over and spread the news in their countries.

The „Gesellschaft für Essenspausen e.V. (GfE)“, a society that I am heading, is a non-profit non government organization that wants to spread the news that it actually is easy to reduce body weight for good – when you watch just these two simple rules.

  1. We must not eat in the time between the ordinary meals, which in no case should be more than breakfast , lunch and dinner – nothing in between that would attract the transport hormone insulin in the blood stream. This is easy to be done, when also the second rule is kept.
  2. We must use the ways to let our body produce the brain transmitter serotonin because of its function as the foremost eat control instance in our body.  

At 1: Not one single fat cell in our body can lose its freight as long as insulin is active in the blood stream. It transports carbohydrates out of our food or from our liver into the mitochondriae,  where our body energy ATP is built.  When Insulin steps back, it gives way for the fat loosening hormones somatotropin (human growth hormone/HGH) in the night and adrenaline the day over. Depending on the length of these eating pauses body fat fades.

At 2: When we have not eaten for a while the hunger hormone ghrelin is built in the liver and makes it difficult to wait with new eating until the next regular meal. Serotonin although controls ghrelin. It ends binge eating and the craving for chocolate, too.

But how to get serotonin?

Serotonin, as it is a mighty anti-stress-hormone, is produced by the body when there is continuous heavy body exercise, best known in the case of the “runner’s high.” Lesser strain like in sports where the athlete gets the chance to recover while exercising don’t do it.

An easier way to lure serotonin  is to care for a strong metabolizing effect in the minor intestine by consuming a small portion of very finely milled raw plant food, disperged in fluids, onto an empty stomach. This food is not withheld by the stomach. It runs right through the pylorus into the minor intestine and is swiftly metabolized on its vast surfaces. This gives a strong parasympathetic signal  to the eat control center of the brain that instals a chemotaxis for all the components for the buildup of serotonin in the brain stem. This discovery I call the Aminas principle. A lesser metabolic impact does not do it as well as a short or not so heavy body exercise does not push the buidup of serotonin.

You will have heard of the immense value of serotonin for our mental functions, also of the many drugs that today are freqently used to fight the symptoms of the many psychic disturbances that follow the very frequent lack of it. My discovery of the Aminas principle shows that it is easy to fight the shortage of Serotonin. In many cases depression, burnout, migrain and other cruciating states just vanish as all of a sudden full awakeness dayover and good sleep in the night is no problem anymore.

My books on serotonin and eating pauses only have just appeared (in German). As soon as sufficient interest is there I will have them translated into English.


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