Richtig Essen

GfE- Gesellschaft für richtiges Essen und Lebensgestaltung e.V.

Good sleep is no problem at all.

Erstellt von r.ehlers am Donnerstag 24. April 2014

Hello there,

some years ago I  initiated the „Society for Right Eating „ (Gesellschaft für das richtige Essen – GfE ), which I am presiding. Before I had had quite a good life as high school and university law teacher and as barrister and solicitor. For no special reason I always was convinced to be physically and mentally very strong and just  took no notice of the fact that at the end of my worklife I was overweighed, was constantly tired dayover so I needed a „powernapping“ after lunch, suffered from a nervaus tic of my left eyelid and fought a futile fight every night for a better sleep.

All of a sudden in 2000 this changed radically. I found sleep at night like a baby, slept without interruption, did not snore any more, never again suffered from apnoe and bruxism (grinding of the teeth in sleep), had no sand in my eyes at wake time  andafter less hours of sleep than ever before ( 7 hrs) I woke up fully refreshed every morning. Dayover I since never get tired. I can even strain myself  to drive my car all day and into the night without getting tired at all. Last  example was a trip from Spain via France to Düsseldorf in 18 hours without any regular interruption.

It happened on a business trip to China. By coincidence I got acquainted with an alledgedly very effective „weight loss“ food  product (KUIKE). I was not surprised that I did not lose any pounds with that product, but was regularly stunned by some strong immediate effects regarding especially the quality of my sleep and my wakefulness dayover. Nobody in China could tell me how these effects could have been caused by the consumption of the very small amount of that natural plant food when consumed onto an empty stomach and accompanied by a good glasss of water or juice. But I knew for sure that this was the reason, because nothing else had changed in my life. I especially never took any pills,drugs or other mood enhancers.

I got to know the producers of KUIKE personally in Beijing. They are personal good friends of the late President of China, Jiang Zemin. Since KUIKE is on the  market inMainland  China, that is 1985, Jiang Zemin claims that its daily consumption does a lot for his constant well being. But nobody ever listened to him. Everybody thought of an  unwanted side effect. Unluckily the owners of KUIKE Inc. never used their product themselves as they – like almost all Chinese people that eat traditionally – had no overweight.

Back in Germany I changed from the legal seminars to those of biology, chemistry, gastroenterology and endocrinology. I found the special strong metabolic effects of dried and milled raw plant food in the minor intestine when it is consumed onto an empty stomach. I developed new and better „native food“, as I called it and engaged myselt in spreading the news. Now, being 73 years of age, and having retreated from all legal work, I have restricte my work for native food to further research, but now look for everything that also is important in the field of right eating. This, I hope, will keep me busy for many years to come.

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My command of the English language today really is too poor to be able to profounly translate my articles on these pages or my books on Serotonin and Eating Pauses from German into English. Had I stayed in Canada in 1960/61 where I worked and lived as if I were not deplaced at all, this woul be easier. But pitily I am far out of practice.

The practical use of native food is very simple, but the explanation of how it works is not at all.  So I think that the only chance to spread the news in another language will come when by circustance more and more experts will encounter my findngs. Only then I  think there will be the interpreters  in other languages, without whom ist will not be able to reach the public. But when I registerd for a comment on the respectable Guardian in London concernig the awfully frequent insomnia, I realised that I cannot keep completely silent in this important matter any more.

By the way, native food in spite of my first encounter with KUIKE, has proven to be a perfect assistance for a solid reduction of overweight as it helps control the feelings of hunger. But we must eat like the old Chinese, that is we must leave pauses of not eating between our set meals as was absolutely normal all the times before food was offered at any time at every corner. The metabolic value of keeping eating pauses is well secured by science, by the way. In America at the time beeing there reigns a regular hype for what they call intermitting  fasting. In my understandig fasting is something very different.