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Bruce Springsteen: Offener Brief

Erstellt von r.ehlers am Samstag 22. Oktober 2016

Dear Mr.  Springsteen,

your music and lyrics have given me a lot in many phases of my life. Only lately I heard of your health problems suffering from depressions over most of the time passed. I know for sure that in almost all cases medicine and psychiatry have no cure.
Some years ago I found a simple way to improve the Serotonin level in the brain which has helped thousands of sufferers that I could reach with my books (sorry, all in German -also my blog

The solution is to once a day care for a completely empty stomach by restraining from food intake for generally five hours. Then you eat just a spoonful of grain flour of your choice, accompanied with a glass of water. Traditional medicine does not even take notice as I am not part of their system. But the finely milled plant food just passes the stomach with no stops and runs directly through the pylorus into the minor intestine where it gets extremely well spread and resorbed. The effect is a central nervous signal to the brain stating a heavy intestinal metabolic reaction and triggering the brains own production of the eat-control-hormone Serotonin -which also is the Nr. 1 stress-control device (hormone of well being). All this is completely harmless and really costs nothing.

Interested, Mr. Springsteen? Just try it!   Of course I will be happy to give you additional information, although I here already have revealed all that is of vital importance. It would make me very happy if I could really do something for you.

This is an open letter, please see

Good luck and a good time for you!

Rolf Ehlers