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Aminas for West Africa ?

Erstellt von r.ehlers am Sonntag 23. März 2014

Die Anfrage /the request

—–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—–
Von: ..a []
Gesendet: Samstag, 22. März 2014 12:58
An: undisclosed-recipients:
Betreff: Import of your products.

Dear Sir/madam,

Subject- Import of your products.

We are company registered here in ..-West Africa fully reliable  in general importation/distribution of Products here such as FOODS & BEVERAGES AND COSMETICS GENERAL PRODUCTS and we are very much interested to  import  your Product  for  our selling here in our country.

Kindly Furnish us with your current product ranges  with prices for our  study, and order placement for this year.

Also inform us about the Minimum Order Quantity, Delivery time and payment terms   warranty.

We wish you happy new year and best business profit  year for you.

Thanks for your full cooperation

Mr. ../Director


Die Antwort /the reply:


Dear Mr. N.N.,

before I give you the wanted business information I have to know what drives you to sell our products in your  country and -naturally- elsewhere in West Africa. I am certain that our product would do good to very many consumers in your region (not only to the ones who propose its use and sell it).

We are just a small company with a great product that is extremely difficult to explain to anybody. Our Aminas Vital Food, that has very unusual beneficiary effects on mental well being and corporal health, is very easy to be used. Just one regular spoonful of it, combined with a fair amount of water or similar liquid, eaten on the completely empty stomach is all it needs. The ingredients are solely dried and milled regular natural plant food, mainly raw.

The special properties of our food are owed to the fact that a small amount of it, well preserved and well cut and in a great part milled down to extremely small particles (smaller than the plant cells) pass the empty stomach without being held there for more than a few moments. The fluid food runs through the relaxed pylorus into the minor intestine where it gets well spread over ist wide areas and is metabolized right to the last fiber. This mighty digestive reaction is registered by the millions of nerve cells in the minor intestine and reported to the eat control center of the brain, where a chemotaxis for the building bricks of the eat control transmitter Serotonin to be transported to the production sites of it in the brain in generated.

This describes in short what stands behind our special products. When interested, please have a look into the Shortcut descriptions in English, written by our founder Rolf Ehlers:

Together with a partner we tried to spread the news in England. Our partner there finally gave up because he found it far too difficult to reach the public. The public likes it easy. People want to get fed with things they understand without much ado. On the other hands the authorities create trouble when you directly claim the health benefits that undoubtedly regularly are there. The true biochemical mechanisms which we have found after years of studies will somewhen be proven in a way that officially is accepted in our countries. At the time being „great science“ and „big business“ are not interested in our products as they have understood that these products do not bring them „big money.“ On the contrary their sales in pharma drugs will be greatly  reduced when everybody knows our perfect way to come to the body’s own buildup of Serotonin.

Our products will be shelf warmers when you give them to retail sellers. We only exist on account of our constant discussion with interested therapists and intelligent private consumers that understand the theory behind our products and practicallx experience its validity every day.

Outside of Germany we have regular sales only in German speaking Austria and the  German speakig parts of Switzerland. But elsewhere in Europe like in Netherland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain,  Hungary, Lithuania and others we found little response.  Here and then single sales to  conumers in North America, Latin America, Australia, South Africa and Asia do take place.

Please consider carefully what you expect from our product and what you might be able to give to spread the news about it in West Africa. If you have a clue we will be happy to do our part for a success.

Dominik Ehlers, General Manager

Aminas GmbH